My newsletter, November 5, 2023

In this newsletter I tell about the crochet class in school, my aunt’s vacation here in Lombok and a very nice discount. I also tell about my plans for my website. And there is a good tip of the week!

Christmas Ornaments

First here’s something to tell you about. My very first patterns from in 2020 were Christmas baubles. I love to crochet them. Simple to make and you can make them in any color you want. Plus if you use very thin yarn you can make them small. Or with thick yarn and then a much larger bauble. That would be fun to make too.

The first 3 baubles that I ever made are now in a bundle on my website. Below you can see the picture of these baubles and if you click on the picture you will go directly to that page of my website. The baubles are available in Dutch, English and French. More languages are coming soon.

crochet Christmas ornaments

This week I have a nice discount on a pattern of mine from quite some time ago. Every year I make a new candle pattern and this pattern is one from 2 years ago. Simple but so pretty and best of all = it can’t burn down your house!

crochet Christmas candle with crochet angel

This is the pattern that has that discount on it. You can also detach the angel and use it as a Christmas tree ornament.

Here first the link to the pattern: The Angel Christmas Candle – Craftygenesindonesia The pattern is now available for 1 day for 1.1euros.

This pattern is available in Dutch, English and French. More languages to come.


My aunt is here on vacation as many people already know. This week we went to fabric stores because she loves to sew so much and here in Indonesia they have beautiful fabrics that you can’t buy in Belgium. So she will bring some fabrics from here. We also went to a huge souvenir store. It is very close to my house and I can’t believe what they sell there. Super nice things made in the store itself.

My aunt also went to my crochet class in school to see that once. This week 8 girls came. And none of them who understood a word from what my aunt said 😂😂😂 They liked her crochet project. Auntie is making a scarf with gradient yarn. That ball of yarn is 1 of 2000m and you can’t buy something like that here. The girls in the crochet class thought that was really nice to see.

Plans for my website

I will change my website a bit after my aunt is back to Belgium. Love my website but the program I use now to make it look nice is just too expensive. Spending 200 euros every year for that is too expensive. Especially here. That’s a lot of money for here.

Have now found another program that is only a one time payment and that makes it much cheaper. There will be a lot of work to get the website up as soon as possible but it will work.

The advantage with what I will do now is that I can let other designers sell their patterns on their own mini website then without what is mine in between. There are always people who could use such an option.

Changing my website is for sometime after November 17. I will of course let you know before I start it.

Tip of the week

If you have a pattern that you think is a little too big and you want it smaller, use a thinner needle with a YARN UNDER stitch. That is, passing the yarn UNDER your crochet hook instead of above it. This alone will make the crochet work smaller. If you then use thin yarn as well, you may even be able to reduce the end result by half. Thus, you don’t have to change the stitch count in the pattern. You can then just follow the pattern as is and voila, the doll is smaller!

That’s it for this week. Feel free to let me know what you think. Thanks for reading and see you next week.

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  1. Weer heel leuk om te lezen. Hier is zondag “Sofiedag” geworden en we kijken iedere week uit naar je verhaal. Knuff Karine.

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