My newsletter, 29 October, 2023

What a super busy and fun week it has been! Have so much to share. This newsletter is about my super slow ride to and from the airport (😬). Then, of course, I have something to tell about the visit of my aunt who is here now for 3 weeks. I also talk about how I stiffen my crochet work without sugar water. And there is a very good tip of the week.

New pattern

The new pattern is still in the works. It is a nice Christmas pattern that you can definitely get done in time. Of course, with my aunt being here, crocheting is a little slower. But that’s no big deal. While chatting with my aunt I knit for the most part. That’s very little counting and so definitely doable while chatting. That knitting pattern will come as soon as it is finished.


This week I have a very good discount on 2 of my “old” patterns = The Nutcracker and my Angel of Comfort. See photos below.

Both patterns are available in Dutch, English and French and then that of the nutcracker also in German and the angel also in Spanish. More translations are definitely coming. The more languages the better.

Both patterns are now available for 1.99euros each. And if you now order both together with bank transfer (click HERE to do that) then you can get them for 3.5euros for the 2 together. You can also click that pink chat icon at the bottom right of the screen and then click the green Whatsapp icon, to order in Whatsapp. That’s also convenient.

Here are the links to both patterns:

  1. Nutcracker: The Crafty Nutcracker crochet pattern – Craftygenesindonesia
  2. Angel of Comfort: Angel of Comfort crochet pattern – Craftygenesindonesia

Please note that this discount is only valid here on Craftygenesindonesia and via bank transfer and today only.

My aunt is here!!!

As you have already read: my aunt is now here visiting for 3 weeks. I had not seen her for almost 20 years. Now she was finally able to come here and it is blissful!!!! Here below just 3 pictures of her visit.

Photo 1: That’s part of the hotel pool with the restaurant on the right. This photo I took that night my aunt arrived.

Photo 2: I took that photo on the terrace of the hotel room. Which is literally on the beach. It’s blissful to sit there and knit and chat while looking at the sea. And before I forget, this hotel is called Lombok Beach Hotel. The hotel is right on the beach and not 200m from my house. Perfect! And not expensive. It just doesn’t get any better. What we also noticed is that it is so quiet there. You can’t hear the street. Pure luxury I call that.

Photo 3: That’s where I had to wait for my aunt in the airport. Much of the airport has no walls, just a roof. So they don’t need an air conditioner for the parts.

I went to the airport with my two oldest sons. They know the way to the airport. I don’t. I’m someone who gets lost far too easily. If I had to go to the airport alone, I would end up on a completely different side of the island. I can’t find my way. So my sons went with me. They thought it was very funny that I was driving at 40 km per hour on the highway 😂😂😂😂😂 I don’t dare drive any faster and here it is allowed. Better too slow than too fast. Meanwhile I was able to see many things like oxen and rice fields and many other things. It is a beautiful road to the airport.

Making crochet stiff

Many people use sugar water or a special product to make their crochet work stiff. We don’t have the latter here and then the former, sugar water that is, I dare not use. Here your crochet work would immediately be full of ants if you use sugar water to make it stiff. And then at night rats or other pests would run away with it. So not a good idea. I use hair spray of the very strong kind and a spray that you can spray, not mousse. That makes it stiff enough so it’s perfect. And doesn’t attract ants!

Tip of the week

This week’s tip of the week is about the first tour that one makes in a magic ring. Sometimes you get a dot where the magic ring sits. This is because your magic ring is too thick. To avoid this, I make the stitches in the magic ring with a crochet hook that is one size smaller. Then the next row with the appropriate crochet hook for the little project.

That’s it for this week. Feel free to let me know what you think. I would type more but I am going somewhere with my aunt later and so not enough time to type more.

See you next week 💁🏻‍♀️❤️

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