Frequently Asked Questions

In which languages are the crochet & knitting patterns available?

All of my patterns are available in English & Dutch so far.  But currently I am working on getting them all translated.  Several are already available in French and Spanish.  I plan on translating ALL to as many languages as possible.

On each pattern page you can see in which languages the pattern is available at the moment.

Which payment methods are there?

On this website you can pay with: PayPal and Credit Card

On Haked: Bancontact, Ideal, Sofort, KBC/CBC/ PayPal/ Credit Card, Belfius, Sepa

On Etsy: Ideal, Credit Card, PayPal, Etsy Gift card, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Klarna, Sofort, 

On Ravelry you can pay with PayPal


Do you give discounts?

* I do indeed.  Every day there are always at least 5 on sale.  

*Those who post reviews on this website get a coupon code sent to them by email.  This code can also be used when purchasing with a bank transfer.  Even if you place your order in Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger.

Do you have fixed dates set aside for sales?

No, I do not.  I do not give discount just simple because it’s a national holiday or black friday or days like that.  I just wake up in the morning and suddenly decide today is the day for a discount on this … pattern.  

Where do I contact you with questions about a pattern I purchased?

1.You can do that in Facebook messenger.  You can find me under the name: Sofie Versluys.  The easiest way to find my profile is in my Facebook group: Amigurumi Heaven

2.On my Facebook page: Craftygenesindonesia

3.In Whatsapp to this number: +6287856300134

4.By email: [email protected]

Can I call you by phone with questions?

Please do not.  I want to take phone calls but I have hearing problems and so have trouble hearing what people say on the phone.  Plus I live in Indonesia and calling from your country to me here would be very costly.

I can't find my download email. Where is it?

If you entered your email address correctly then the download email is probably in the spam folder or the promotions folder if not in the inbox.

Please do check the email address you entered on the checkout page.  It happens sometimes that a customer entered their email address incorrectly and then doesn’t receive the download email of course.

If the address is correct and the email is not in spam or the promotions folder, please email me at: [email protected]

I would like one of your patterns in a different language. Is this possible?

Yes.  You do have to give me some days to get it translated.  

Where are the free patterns from your blog?

I have deleted my blog and most of my free patterns are now (cheap) paid patterns.  This is because when I had free patterns on my now deleted blog, I often got rude messages from people who demanded I sent them the free pattern in pdf format for free to them.  When I refused to do so they became even more rude.

When I was nice enough to turn one of my (cheap) paid patterns into a free pattern to help out those who are in financial ruin, I got a bunch of extremely rude messages from people who had purchased the pattern long time ago.  Even when I explained I did this to help those in need, they kept on being rude.  Some even appallingly rude.  So I threw in the towel and turned them all into paid patterns.  

Only the extra clothing for my Marie Louise Dress-up doll will stay free because that’s what I promised.

Can I post a review on this website even if I bought the pattern on Etsy, Haked or Ravelry?

Yes you can!  As long as it is a a pattern of mine = by Craftygenesindonesia, you can post a review on here.

As soon as your review has been approved you will receive a coupon code by email.  So make sure you enter your email address (correctly) when posting the review.

On each pattern page you can see in which languages the pattern is available at the moment.

I tried printing the pattern but pages are missing. Why is that?

This tends to happen when:

1.You try to print before the pattern is fully downloaded to your device or printer

2.You downloaded while you had bad connection causing it to download only partially

3.Your printer ran out of ink and stopped printing the pattern and is giving you only empty pages

4.Your printer settings are wrong

In this case you just simply download the pattern again from the download email.  Make sure you have a good connection, your ink isn’t finished and the printer settings are correct.

I can't find one of the materials needed for the pattern.

Don’t worry.  I’ll help you find it.  Just email me at: [email protected].  In the email you let me know what it is that you are looking for and in what country you are.  I’ll then help you locate a store in your area that sells it.

Which yarn do you use for the patterns?

I use yarn bought locally in Indonesia and milk cotton yarn purchased on Aliexpress.

For those not living in Indonesia and not willing to use milk cotton yarn, I highly recommend brands like Catona, Catania, Rainbow, Drops, Katia, …  These brands have an amazing collection of beautiful colors!

The patterns calls for a 2mm crochet hook. Can I use a different size?

Yes of course.  You can use any size you like.  Do keep in mind that when you use a bigger hook and thicker yarn, the end result will be bigger than mine.  And when you use a smaller hook with thinner yarn, the end result will be smaller than mine.

I lost my pattern. What now?

Just sent me an email at: [email protected].  Let me know which pattern it is and where you purchased it.  I will also need a transaction ID or screenshot of the proof of purchase.  

When the purchase has been verified (takes only minutes) I will send you the pattern by email.

Can I sell the finished item made with your pattern?

Yes, you may sell the finished item but NOT THE PATTERN ITSELF of course.

Do keep the sales of the finished item to a small quantity (not thousands) and please do let people know where they can purchase the pattern if they wish to do so.

Do you still send newsletters?

No.  Too many were ending up in spam and it was just simply too costly.  So I decided to publish weekly newsletter PAGES here on my website.  They are free to read for everyone and the old ones do not get deleted. 

Click here to view the newsletter pages.

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