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I get lots and lots of questions from customers. That’s normal of course. But I want other people to also benefit from the answers I have for those questions. So I will write all the questions with their answers in this post (without the customers their names of course). I will continue to add more. The more the better 😁

At the top you can click on the questions in the index. That way you will go directly to that question and answer instead of needing to scroll to the bottom to find what it is you’re looking for.

If you have a question but can’t find it here, then you can ask me below in the comments section. Or you can click here to email me. Or you just simply contact me in Whatsapp by clicking on the green Whatsapp icon at the right-hand bottom corner of your screen.

The questions & their answers:

Where can I buy the metallic silver or gold yarn that is used for some of the Craftygenesindonesia patterns?

There’s several places I know of that sell metallic yarn., Hobbii, Etsy, … to name a few. Which brand you should choose depends not on what I used in my pattern but on the other yarn YOU used for my pattern. You need to get metallic yarn that is the same thickness as the other yarn you used. If your metallic yarn is only half the thickness of your other yarn, check to see if you can just use a double strand. I have done that in the past when the only metallic yarn I had was very thin. I just crocheted with 2 strands at the same time. That made my metallic yarn the same thickness of my other yarn.

Below some links to metallic yarn sold online. These are NOT affiliate links! There’s just links to help you find what you need…

Amazon: : gold metallic yarn

Etsy: Gold Metallic Yarn – Etsy

Hobbii: Cocktail Deluxe | Yarn | Go Handmade –

Lovecrafts: Yarn and Colors Glamour | LoveCrafts

Why is the floor of my Crafty Cuckoo clock too big?

There are several possibilities:

  1. The yarn you used for the floor is thicker than the yarn used for the rest of the clock
  2. Your tension was looser
  3. You (unknowingly) used the wrong and bigger hook
  4. You stretched it out by using a piece of cardboard that was too big
  5. You made too many rows
  6. You didn’t make enough rows when you made the other parts of the clock

Click here if you want to have a look at that clock pattern.

Can I use yarn under stitches for a yarn over single crochet pattern?

You absolutely can but you could run into one issue though. That is the alignment of certain parts or stitches. The legs for example. If a yarn over single crochet pattern is asking to start the a leg in stitch 5 for example. The leg might be in a slightly different position if you use yarn under stitches when the pattern calls for yarn over stitches. Or in the case of my Gloria Christmas Candle crochet pattern, the candle holder might not be big enough if you used yarn under stitches because that pattern is made with yarn over single crochet stitches. In this case you will need to adjust the amount of stitches to make sure the candle fits.

In what language are the Craftygenesindonesia patterns?

All my crochet and knitting patterns are available in ENGLISH & DUTCH (Nederlands). Some are even in French. Those are The Blessed Mary, Charlie The Clown & Charlotte The Clown.

Are the Craftygenesindonesia crochet patterns in US or UK terms?

They are all in US terms but don’t worry if you are used to UK terms. I have a great conversion list for US-UK terms. With that list you will be able to effortlessly follow my crochet patterns. Click here to go to that list.

Do you also have FREE crochet patterns?

I most definitely do! So far I have 2 free purse patterns, an octopus and many free Christmas ornament patterns. I also have a beautiful heart pattern. And there’s also a FREE dress pattern for a Halloween dress + shoes for my Marie Louise Dress-up Doll (paid) crochet pattern. Click here to have a look at all my free patterns in English. There are lots more free patterns coming. I just need some time to make them and get them on my website.

Can I get a pdf version of the free patterns?

You can indeed. I can send them by email. The pdf version isn’t free but definitely not expensive. They’re all between $1-$3, so nothing that will bankrupt you 😁. While the free version on my website is with ads and so on, the pdf versions are NOT. There are absolutely NO ADS in the pdf versions.

You can purchase those with a very simple bank transfer. Click here to contact me for that.

Do you give discounts?

Yep, all the time! There is always at least 1 pattern on sale. On my birthday I tend to do a big sale. During Advent there are more on sale. All other times of the year it’s just whenever I feel like creating a sale. No fixed times. If you keep an eye on my website you’ll know immediately or when you subscribe to my newsletter, you will be notified whenever there are discounts. Click here to subscribe to my newsletter.

How do you choose the monthly winner of a free pattern from your pattern shop?

Every month I choose 1 person who gets a pattern for free from my pattern shop. To be eligible you need to:

  1. Be subscribed to my newsletter. Click here to do that if you aren’t subscribed yet (it is free).
  2. You need to actually open and read the newsletter. Not just delete it.
  3. You need to have purchased a pattern of mine in the past (just not just be on here for the free patterns only)

I can see who unsubscribes after the winner was announced and then resubscribes a while later in the hope of winning that free pattern. There are some people who do this literally every month! And no, those people are not eligible for the free pattern.

If you unsubscribe, report my newsletter as spam and then resubscribe, you aren’t gonna win either. A newsletter that comes at most 4x a month cannot be considered spammy.

Why do I often see “make 1sl st in the first stitch” in your patterns?

At the end of a piece I usually end with “make 1sl st in the first stitch”. At the end of an arm, leg, hat, … for example. This way the end of the last row is as good as at the same level as the first stich of that last row. There won’t be a rather ugly step at the end of the row. We don’t want it to look like the beginning of stairs after all.

When you end with that slip stitch and then go on attaching the piece to the doll, you will not see where the last row ended. If you do not make that slip stitch, you most likely will be able to see where the last row ended. We don’t want that of course. So that’s what the “make 1sl st in the first stitch” is for.

Do I need to add 2 extra sc in each corner of the next row too or only this one?

In some of my patterns with plat pieces you’ll see something like:

Row 40: sc all around and make 2 extra sc in each corner

Row 41: sc all around again but in back loops only

The question from my customer was: do I need to make 2 extra sc in each corner of row 41 as well or only in row 40? The answer is NO. You need to make those extra sc in each corner of only row 41. If you need to do it in row 41 as well, my pattern would then say “row 41: sc all around again but in back loops only + make 2 extra sc in each corner again”. I always add this information so if the row does not say anything about making 2 extra sc in each corner, definitely DO NOT make any extra sc. The shape would be totally wrong if you added extra sc where the pattern is not asking for it. (**sc= single crochet)

What does the “m” and “yd” behind the colors in the materials in the pattern mean?

In each of my patterns you’ll find a list of materials you will need to make the item. In the list of colors (of yarn) that you need, you will see the following (example):

Yarn: light weight (3) yarn suitable for amigurumi and a size 2mm crochet hook in:

  • White: 5-10m/ 5-10yd

That “m” behind 5-10 means meter(s) and the “yd” behind 5-10 means yards.

The reason why I do not measure by weight like other designers, is because every brand of yarn weighs a teeny tiny bit more or less than the other brands. For a small item this won’t be a problem. But when you are making a big item such as my Crafty Christmas Train or my Crafty Gingerbread House, that teeny tiny bit of difference becomes a lot. Meaning you might end up running out of yarn. When you measure by lengt (meter or yard), you don’t have this problem.

I will be adding more questions and answer as they come. Whenever I get a question from a customer I’ll add it to this page (without the customer’s name of course) with the right answer to that question.
Sofie Julien Versluys
Sofie Julien Versluys

Was born in Belgium but moved to Indonesia as a child. Have been living here ever since. I absolutely LOVE crochet and knitting. I made this blog to help others get to the same level as me. And to make sure people have a place to come to with questions. Even the very beginner questions. Go ahead and ask me!

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