About me

About me

I’m Sofie.  I am the founder and designer of Craftygenesindonesia.

What I can do for you:

I have been crocheting and knitting since I was a child in the last century.  All joking aside, I have been crocheting and knitting a loooooong time.  I know that many of my readers and customers have only just started and often have questions or need help.  

To my readers and customers I am always available for help.  If necessary I’ll even make a drawing or short video to help you understand.

There are no stupid questions so ask all it is that you want to ask.  And no, you’re questions will not be posted online.  Our conversation stays between you and me.

Language of your question(s):

Don’t worry if you don’t speak English or Dutch (which are the 2 languages I speak the most).  I speak many languages and so if you’re language is in Spanish, Italian, German, … it is no problem at all.  I will reply to you in your own language so it’s easier for you.

Digital Downloads

All crochet and knitting patterns on this website are DIGITAL DOWNLOADS, not physical items


All patterns are available in English and Dutch and many of them are also already available in Spanish, French, German, Italian,…soon all patterns will be in 6 languages

Crochet and Knitting Patterns

As of today, December 2nd 2023,  I have over 150 patterns.  There are many many more to come.  I have an abundance of ideas for future patterns.  So many that I had to write them all down.  I plan to make lots more knitting patterns because there aren’t enough beautiful knitting patterns available.  And plenty more crochet patterns coming too!

Crochet patterns for all

I got plenty of different kinds of crochet patterns so no matter what you prefer, you’ll find something here

Angel patterns

Childeren's doll patterns

Christmas patterns

Memorial Patterns

Many many more