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Here I am again with my newsletter! It has been an interesting week. Good things and not so good things happened. This week there was also crochet class. I have pictures of what 3 of the girls finished. There is, of course, a tip of the week. And I also share a bit about my knitting. There is also a discount on a very popular pattern that you definitely don’t want to miss.

My knitting

As you may already know, I like to knit. You can make so many things with it. Even cute little dolls. Right now I’m still working on a knitting pattern for dolls. I won’t say what yet. I’ll just say it was by request from people who had seen a crocheted version in my pattern store and they wanted a knitted version of it.

If you know an idea for a next knitting pattern, be sure to let me know in the comments below. I want to make more knitting patterns because there are so few beautiful knitting patterns available and certainly not in Dutch. That is of course not nice for those who like to knit.


This weekend = today (Saturday) and tomorrow I am giving a nice discount on a very popular pattern of mine.

crochet santa and lady Christmas
Santa & Lady Christmas

This is the pattern in question. It is available in Dutch, English, French and Spanish.

This pattern is now available for 5.15euros instead of 7.70euros. This discount is only valid via bank transfer and here on my website. If you don’t have the pattern yet then don’t wait lol because by Monday this discount will be gone.

Link to the pattern: Santa & Lady Christmas – Craftygenesindonesia

The crochet lesson

This week we had another crochet class. It was super hot which was less fun of course. Some of the girls are still struggling with crochet but they are only in the second and third grade. So they are still young and cannot be expected to be able to crochet a doll right away.

The other 3 girls who have been coming to my class from last year finished a whale. I took 2 pictures of that.

Those are the whales that they made. We followed a YouTube video in English even though they don’t speak English. It was definitely doable in a language they don’t understand. You can find that video here:

Now you have to look closely at my first picture. Do you see the difference in size? These 3 whales are all made with the same yarn and crochet hook size and yet they are all different sizes. That’s because they don’t crochet equally tight. They are all 3 equally beautiful though 😊.

These 3 girls have now started on a simple kitty. Pictures to come when I already have them.

The weather here

I know Belgium has had bad weather. Same here. There were tornadoes on the island here. 2 hours of terrible wind and rain. And I had to go through that to get my children who were still in school. My umbrella broke because of the wind. The thing couldn’t handle that wind. I drove home soaking wet in rain so bad I couldn’t see the street. The wind was constantly pushing my car. It was really terrible. Lightning also struck in many places. Close to my house lightning struck a tree and electricity pole next to it. Those 2 toppled over and onto the street and in the meantime 2 more trees and a pole were pulled along with them. Somewhere else a tree fell on a person.

Only after that wind and rain was gone did we see the damage everywhere. Because of 1 of those tornadoes, more than 100 houses in the village here no longer have roofs.

At the hotel where I go swimming every day, 5 trees fell down. Fortunately on no people. Only in the pool and on an empty car. It could be worse. No one dead so we can’t complain.

Only in Indonesia

This week another 3 photos from here for you.

Photo 1: That cat is not mine. But (literally) every time I go out of my house that cat is somewhere in my yard. And always looking straight into my eyes. That critter must find me very interesting 😂😂😂.

Photo 2: That’s a tree that fell not far from here in a parking lot. Fortunately, no injuries.

Photo 3: Those are those trees and electricity poles that fell over in the street. They then immediately turned off the electricity to be safe. Here people don’t wait for the governorate to come and remove those trees. Here you do this yourself. If it is in front of your house or on your street = you do away with that tree. Here they don’t mind because then they get to keep the wood. The same with the dirt from that dirty weather. You clean up what is in front of your house. Don’t know how this is set up in other countries. Is it the same in Europe/America/…?

Tip of the week

If you don’t know how one makes a magic ring for crochet, just make 2 chains and make your stitches in the first chain. Be sure to leave a long thread. You can then use this thread to sew up the hole. If you make 2 chains instead of a magic ring there is a good chance that you will have a hole in the middle. It is that hole that you can sew up with a thread.

So no scare or panic if you can’t or won’t make the magic ring. No disaster because those 2 chains are also a good solution.

And no need to be embarrassed if you can’t make the magic ring, either. Every crocheter has something she can’t do.

That’s it for this week. Feel free to let me know your thoughts. See you next week ❤️❤️❤️


  1. Dikke proficiat voor de meisjes die de walvisjes hebben gehaakt, ze hebben dit super gedaan

  2. Wat een leuke nieuwsbrief.
    Proficiat aan de meisjes die een walvisje hebben gehaakt, ze hebben dat knap gedaan.
    Hier op de Hoge Venen sneeuw, bij jullie storm, gelukkig zijn er geen doden of zwaar gewonden gevallen.
    Kijk al uit naar uw breiwerk.

    • Bedankt 😁. Vind ook dat de meisjes die walvisjes mooi gehaakt hebben. En zeker voor hun leeftijd.
      Hier gelukkig geen sneeuw zoals bij jullie. Dat zou een ramp zijn 😬.

      Heb je al een sneeuwman gemaakt? 😄

  3. Goedemorgen Sofie. Wat een naar weer ook bij jullie. Hier veel regen en harde wind. En vannacht in Limburg de 1e sneeuw. Af en toe gaat er hier ook wel een boom om maar niet zo erg als bij jullie. Men vind dan dat de brandweer gevaarlijke omzaagt en de Gemeente ook. En dat de Gemeente alles opruimt en ja ook wel die dag. Wat bij een heftige storm niet kan natuurlijk. Wat leuk de walvisjes van de kinderen mooi gemaakt. Benieuwd naar je breikunst 🙂. Fijne week

    • Nu al sneeuw? Een stuk kouder dan hier dus 😬
      Wat als de gemeente of brandweer teveel werk heeft na een storm? Moet je dan de hele tijd wachten tot ze komen?


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