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I’m back after a week off! I found another beautiful crochet stitch for you. There is of course a tip of the week. I also tell you something about why I don’t recommend asking for help about a crochet pattern on Facebook. And something about why I cannot reply to each comment on Facebook. Last but not least, there’s a nice discount on a pattern on mine

My new pattern

First I would like to quickly say something about my new crochet pattern. It is called Pedro’s Easter Gift. I named this little bunny after my little brother. If he were a bunny, I would imagine him to look like this 😁

My father gave me the idea for this pattern. I went ahead and tried it and this is what I came up with:

crochet Easter bunny on crochet scooter with a basket, Easter egg, daffodil and daisy

As you can see from the flags on the picture, this pattern is available in English, Dutch, French and Spanish. If you wish to have the pattern in a different language, please CONTACT me with your request. I will then translate it for you at no extra cost.

Asking for help on Facebook

I don’t recommend this at all. I see this often. People have a problem with a crochet pattern and go on Facebook to ask for help there. If the pattern is from a designer that never replies to customers or extremely slow, then you have no choice but to go ask on Facebook obviously. But if it’s one of my patterns (or by a designer that replies quickly to customers) then it’s best to ask me directly in an email or via Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger. I wrote the pattern so you can be sure I will have the right answer for you.

The thing with asking for help on Facebook is that you will often get very wrong answers from people. The project goes completely wrong then of course. The answers I see on Facebook sometimes really leave me totally stunned. They’re not even close to the right answer. Or there are so many different answers that the person who asked the question gets totally confused and overwhelmed.

So just ask the designer directly. You’ll get the right answer then. If you ask me about my patterns, I will even make a short video or drawing if necessary. I don’t mind at all.

More about Facebook

Often when a new pattern is really popular, I will get thousands of comments on Facebook. I am the kind of person that really wants to reply to every single comment. I find it rude if I don’t do this. But….Facebook won’t allow that. I would get flagged as spam or bot if I replied to thousands of comments. When that happens Facebook does not allow me to reply at all for a full 24 hours then. Then when someone wants to buy the pattern and is asking for a link, I cannot reply and this person abandons the wish to purchase. Very annoying obviously. So when I get hundreds or thousands of comments, I only reply to those in the beginning and afterwards only to those asking for a link or to the comments that are so beautifully written. Just simply to avoid being flagged as spam by Facebook.

So if you have commented on one of my pictures and I did not reply, please don’t be offended. I really would reply to all if I could. If you asked for a link and I did not reply, then I most definitely just didn’t see your reply. In this case it’s best to send me a private message in Facebook Messenger.

I wanted to explain this today so that people know why I don’t reply to every comment.


Today I’m giving a discount on my Our Lady of Guadalupe crochet pattern. It’s 20% off, only today and only via bank transfer or here on my Craftygenesindonesia website.

crochet Our Lady of Guadalupe

The pattern is in English, Dutch and Spanish. Contact me if you want it in a different language.

Click on the button below if you want to purchase this pattern today while there’s still that 20% discount

Stitch of the week

This week’s stitch of the week is the Herringbone Single Crochet stitch. It’s a nice looking stitch that is not difficult to make. The video is in English but very nicely done and so it should not be an issue if you don’t speak English

Tip of the week

This one of for those with kids who like to play with our yarn while we are crocheting or knitting. If you child tends to run with your yarn, play with it and make a huge mess with it, then get your child a ball of yarn for him/herself. Let the child make a huge mess out of that ball of yarn only but not yours. For many kids this is a perfect solution 😊

That is it for this week. Thank you for reading. Let me know what you think of this newsletter in the comments below.

See you next week.


  1. Goedemorgen fijn weer je nieuwsbrief bij een kop koffie.
    De steek is in het Nederlands vertaald Visgraat. Snap dat je niet op elke reactie kunt reageren, fb met zijn (kromme) regels. Patroon van de week gelijk gekocht (alhoewel ik me een koop verbod had opgelegd heb nog veel te veel om te maken). Maar vond hem te leuk om te laten gaan 🙂. Fijne week.

    • Heel erg bedankt voor de bestelling en het complimentje. Wist niet dat die steek visgraat noemt. Goed om te weten. FB inderdaad kromme regels. Een mens wilt beleefd zijn en antwoorden zoals het hoort maar blijkbaar mag je maar een aantal keren beleef zijn

    • Dank je we voor alweer een leuke nieuwsbrief, ik was een beetje achter gelopen met het lezen van de nieuwsbrieven, en nu dus 4 achter elkaar gelezen. Proficiat aan het kleine meisje om alles direct zo perfect te haken, ze gaat in de toekomst zeker mooie werkjes maken. Het is niet meer dan normaal dat je op FB niet op alles persoonlijk kan reageren, het gaat tenslotte om de prachtige werkjes waar we met zijn allen van kunnen genieten.

  2. Bedankt voor je leuke nieuwsbrief.

  3. Goedemorgen, was weer leuk om te lezen, had het echt vorige week gemist, maar begrijp het wel. Fb kan idd raar reageren, helaas. Je haakpatroon is echt heel erg leuk. Fijne zondag en genietse.


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