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My crochet lessons diary week 12

Lesson 12, February 1st, 2023

Leading up to the exhibition in school we were asked to make more cute little ornaments. So in this lesson I thought the girls to make kawaii felt shapes (hearts, circles and stars). Some got it immediately while others were disastrous 😬

The kawaii shapes

Here’s a picture of one of them. Nothing too difficult as you can see. I looooove the little Kawaii style face on it. I will be making a tutorial about these kawaii shapes in the coming days and there you will be able to download those shapes.

Cutting…some are just really bad at it

We all know some people can’t cut a straight line and some just simply cannot cut on a line. I saw first hand, that this is indeed very true. We started by tracing shapes and then it was time to cut them out. Most of the girls cut nicely on the lines. But then there were a few girls who couldn’t cut on the line. And I don’t mean slightly off. No no, I mean waaaaay off. Some hearts looked like a dog tried to destroy them.

I had a look at how these girls were cutting. There’s no better way to describe it than: they looked like they were attacking the felt and pretending it was their worst enemy. 😳😂😂

Told them to practice a little more at home. I said a little to make it sound nice but I was in fact hoping they would practice a LOOOOOOT. They really need it…

Blanket stitch

The blanket stitch really isn’t all that difficult. But of course it is for a girl from second or third grade. Most girls that age will mess it all up. Which they did as expected. It’s totally normal for their age and I told them that. No need to worry about it. With practicing it will get way better. And just simply being a few years older helps a lot. The girls who are in fifth and sixth grade did way better. And again, that was expected. Just a few years older can make such a difference in the ability to learn something. I made that very clear so the younger girls wouldn’t feel discouraged.

Waiting in line

We all know kids don’t wait in line all that well. Then there’s the added fact that these are Indonesian kids. For some reason Indonesian people don’t wait in line very well. It’s one of the first things tourists notice when they come to Indonesia. Indonesians don’t wait in line. Or at least not well at all. They don’t mean anything bad with it and they don’t mean to disrespect anyone. It’s just not something they are taught since childhood. Nowadays schools start to teach this. So it’s getting better. But if you ever come to Indonesia, don’t take it personally when someone pushes in front of you. It’s not seen as abnormal behavior here.

Anyway, these girls aren’t that great at waiting in line. But during my lesson it is expected. I won’t have it any other way. Stand still, stand in a proper straight line behind the girl in front of you, no pushing and keep quiet! So I constantly had to remind them. Not with words. I just look behind me over my glasses, straight at the girl who isn’t waiting in line properly. Takes only a second to correct them this way.


The girls are gonna make some more cute things that they will say to raise funds for the exhibition. It will allow them to get more materials to make more things. That then also gives them more opportunity to learn new things. I have soooooo many thing I would like to teach them. Not just crochet but lots of things like cross stitching, hand embroidery (simple stuff on felt), making bracelets, … . Not just for fun but so they’ll have skills they won’t learn on their own otherwise. If they then as adults ever need something to earn extra money with, they will have some very useful skill that will help them achieve this. Just like I managed to save my family from bankruptcy with my crochet patterns. While it won’t make us rich, at least we don’t need to skip meals anymore.

That’s it for this week. Next week we’ll be making more ornaments like the ones we made this week. The girls who can sew the blanket stitch properly already, will be making more difficult things like turtles.

See you next week

Sofie Julien Versluys
Sofie Julien Versluys

Was born in Belgium but moved to Indonesia as a child. Have been living here ever since. I absolutely LOVE crochet and knitting. I made this blog to help others get to the same level as me. And to make sure people have a place to come to with questions. Even the very beginner questions. Go ahead and ask me!

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