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Easter crochet patterns

I looooooooove crocheting Easter projects. They’re fun to make, colorful and there’s a variety of choices. You’ve got religious Easter patterns, bunnies, Easter eggs, … so much choice. In this post I’ll show you my very favorite crochet patterns for Easter. Some are my own patterns and some are of different designers.

Each comes with a link (or several) to where you can get the pattern. That way you don’t need to go search for them.

Elias & Isabella The Easter Bunnies

This is my own pattern and my newest Easter pattern. I created this one with 2 colorful bunnies in mind. I named them after my ancestors Elias & Isabella Borra, who lived in late 1700’s to early 1800’s. Since I named my bunnies after them, I thought it would be nice if they are dressed according to the fashion of that time. This is what I came up with:

crochet easter bunnies

This crochet pattern is available in English & Dutch and on here (Craftygenesindonesia), on Etsy, Haked and Ravelry You can get them separately or as a bundle. Here are the links (you’ll find the Etsy, Haked and Ravelry links in each link)

*Elias The Easter Bunny: Elias, The Easter Bunny – Craftygenesindonesia

*Isabella The Easter Bunny: Isabella The Easter Bunny crochet pattern – Craftygenesindonesia

*Elias & Isabella The Easter Bunnies bundle: Elias & Isabella The Easter Bunnies Bundle – Craftygenesindonesia


Since Easter is about Jesus, this one has to be on the list. It’s my own pattern. I just had to have a crocheted crucifix. But one that looked ‘real’. Not just a doll with sausage legs and a bowling ball head. Took me a while to create this one but I love the result:

crochet crucifix

As always, the pattern is available in English & Dutch. It’s available here on Craftygenesindonesia and also on Etsy, Haked and Ravelry. Here is the link: (you’ll find the Etsy, Haked and Ravelry link in there)

Crucifix: Crucifix crochet pattern – Craftygenesindonesia

Bunny in a mug

This is such a cute bunny in a mug. An easy to follow pattern and imagine how many different versions you could make by just changing the colors. You don’t need a lot of yarn for it so you can easily make it with some leftover yarn from a different project. The pattern is by: Ternuraamigurumi┬á

Click here to view the pattern.

The Crafty Easter Chick

This one was really a lot of fun to make. I had been thinking about making an Easter chick, but I wanted a colorful one to use up some leftover yarn. I wanted it to look cute but still be easy to make. I came up with this:

a crochet Easter chick painting an Easter egg

This easy to follow crochet pattern is available in English & Dutch. Click below to have a look at it in my shop (in that link you’ll also find links to the pattern on Etsy, Haked & Ravelry):

The Crafty Easter Chick: The Crafty Easter Chick crochet pattern – Craftygenesindonesia

Easter Bunny Wallet

When I came across this one, I instantly loved it. Kids will want to put their stuff in something safe and cute when they go Easter egg hunting. Wouldn’t want to lose all their stuff right? So what better than an Easter bunny wallet? It’s absolutely perfect! Have a look here:

This pattern is by Sevdatoys and it is available in English here.

The Irma Bunny

She’s colorful, she’s cute and she reminds me of my great-aunt Irma. Which is why I need this bunny after her. She was always ‘hopping’ around the house and I hope she likes it.

a crochet easter bunny in yellow and pink dress

As always with my patterns, this one is easy to follow and available in English & Dutch. Click on the link below to go to that one in my shop. You’ll also find links to the pattern on Etsy, Haked and Ravelry there.

The Irma Bunny: The Irma Bunny crochet pattern – Craftygenesindonesia

Wreath Garden Gnome

This one caught my eye immediately. That gnome is sooooooo cute!!! And I loooove the flowers on the wreath. Bet those flowers would make a lovely bouquet if you made many of them.

This lovely pattern is by MyPatterns. Click here to go have a look at it.

Lola, Easter Edition

I have Lola doll series. Soon a new edition is coming to the series but in the meantime I’d like to focus on my Favorite Lola = the Easter Edition. I wanted her colorful but without making it too crazy. Just simple but beautiful. And I wanted her to have some Easter bunnies. I came up with a fun version of the bunny that can also be use as a keychain. You can make them in all colors of the rainbow!

crochet Lola doll with small Easter Bunnies

Once again this pattern is available in English & Dutch and very easy to follow. Click on the link below to go have a look at it. There you’ll also find links to the pattern on Etsy, Haked and Ravelry.

Lola, Easter Edition: Lola, Easter Edition crochet pattern – Craftygenesindonesia

YouTube video

Lots of Easter patterns have gorgeous color combination. But that comes with a challenge for beginners = the color change. Not everyone knows how to changes colors invisibly. We do want a nice color change so I made you a video that shows how to easily change colors. Easy enough even for a beginner:

That’s it for this post. Hope you got some ideas on what to make for this Easter. Have loooots of fun crocheting ­čśü

**This pattern contains some affiliate links. I do earn a tiny bit from that at no extra cost to you

Sofie Julien Versluys
Sofie Julien Versluys

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